There is something special about being in the quiet of the land, looking though the lens and witnessing the show nature puts on, capturing it with the camera one frame after another and preserving the moments for sharing. That is the essence of nature witness, to preserve and to share.

My father was a photographer and gave me the bug at an early age. My first camera was a Brownie and my first picture was of the family dog. I obtained a degree in Wildlife Ecology followed by an Electronics Engineering degree and ended up in the field of medical electronics as a career. But getting outside, in the mountains and forests with a camera has always been, and continues to be, where I have the most enjoyment. Photography has been the tool I use for bringing back my experiences in the field.

Should you encounter print size limitations when attempting to purchase an image, please contact me to discuss larger file sizes and pricing options.

I hope you enjoy my view of the natural world.